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Photographic and Photocopying Equipment Manufacturing

NAICS Industry 333316

NAICS [2012]ManufacturingMachinery ManufacturingCommercial & Service Industry Machinery ManufacturingCommercial & Service Industry Machinery ManufacturingPhotographic & Photocopying Equipment Manufacturing

NAICS [2012] Industry 333316 ⇒ SIC [1987] Industry Codes

SIC CodeU.S. IndustryRegistrants
In ascending order
3577Computer Peripheral Equipment, Not Elsewhere Classified§252
3578Calculating and Accounting Machines, Except Electronic Computers§37
3861Photographic Equipment and Supplies§68
§ In the SIC [SEC] subset of SIC [1987].

Businesses & Products of NAICS Industry 333316
  • Aerial cameras manufacturing
  • Blueprint equipment manufacturing
  • Cameras (except television, video) manufacturing
  • Densitometers (except laboratory analytical) manufacturing
  • Developing equipment, film, manufacturing
  • Digital cameras manufacturing
  • Driers, photographic, manufacturing
  • Editing equipment, motion picture (e.g., rewinders, splicers, titlers, viewers), manufacturing
  • Enlargers, photographic, manufacturing
  • Exposure meters, photographic, manufacturing
  • Film developing equipment manufacturing
  • Flash apparatus, photographic, manufacturing
  • Lens hoods, camera, manufacturing
  • Light meters, photographic, manufacturing
  • Microfiche equipment (e.g., cameras, projectors, readers) manufacturing
  • Microfilm equipment (e.g., cameras, projectors, readers) manufacturing
  • Motion picture cameras manufacturing
  • Motion picture projectors manufacturing
  • Overhead projectors (except computer peripheral) manufacturing
  • Photocopying machines manufacturing
  • Photoflash equipment manufacturing
  • Photographic equipment (except lenses) manufacturing
  • Projection equipment (e.g., motion picture, slide), photographic, manufacturing
  • Projection screens (i.e., motion picture, overhead, slide) manufacturing
  • Range finders, photographic, manufacturing
  • Readers, microfilm or microfiche, manufacturing
  • Screens, projection (i.e., motion picture, overhead, slide), manufacturing
  • Sensitometers, photographic, manufacturing
  • Tanks, photographic developing, fixing, and washing, manufacturing
  • Trays, photographic printing and processing, manufacturing
  • Tripods, camera and projector, manufacturing

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