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Hand and Edge Tool Manufacturing[2007]

NAICS Industry 332212

NAICS [2012]ManufacturingFabricated Metal Product ManufacturingCutlery & Handtool ManufacturingCutlery & Handtool ManufacturingHand & Edge Tool Manufacturing[2007]

NAICS [2007] Industry 332212 ⇒ SIC [1987] Industry Codes

SIC CodeU.S. IndustryRegistrants
In ascending order
3423Hand and Edge Tools, Except Machine Tools and Handsaws3
3523Farm Machinery and Equipment§48
3524Lawn and Garden Tractors and Home Lawn and Garden Equipment§10
3545Cutting Tools, Machine Tool Accessories, and Machinists' Precision Measuring Devices1
3644Noncurrent-Carrying Wiring Devices1
3999Manufacturing Industries, Not Elsewhere Classified15
§ In the SIC [SEC] subset of SIC [1987].

Businesses & Products of NAICS Industry 332212
  • Agricultural handtools (e.g., hay forks, hoes, rakes, spades), nonpowered, manufacturing[2007]
  • Augers, nonpowered, manufacturing[2007]
  • Awls manufacturing[2007]
  • Axes manufacturing[2007]
  • Bearing pullers, handtools, manufacturing[2007]
  • Bits, edge tool, woodworking, manufacturing[2007]
  • Blow torches manufacturing[2007]
  • C-clamps manufacturing[2007]
  • Calipers and dividers, machinists’ precision tools, manufacturing[2007]
  • Can openers (except electric) manufacturing[2007]
  • Carpenter’s handtools, nonelectric (except saws), manufacturing[2007]
  • Caulking guns, nonpowered, manufacturing[2007]
  • Chisels manufacturing[2007]
  • Clippers for animal use, nonelectric, manufacturing[2007]
  • Coordinate and contour measuring machines, machinists’ precision tools, manufacturing[2007]
  • Counterbores and countersinking bits, woodworking, manufacturing[2007]
  • Cutters, glass, manufacturing[2007]
  • Cutting dies (e.g., paper, leather, textile) manufacturing[2007]
  • Cutting dies (except metal cutting) manufacturing[2007]
  • Dial indicators, machinists’ precision tools, manufacturing[2007]
  • Dies, cutting (except metal cutting), manufacturing[2007]
  • Dies, steel rule (except metal cutting), manufacturing[2007]
  • Dividers, machinists’ precision tools, manufacturing[2007]
  • Drawknives manufacturing[2007]
  • Drill bits, woodworking, manufacturing[2007]
  • Drills, hand held, nonelectric, manufacturing[2007]
  • Edge tools, woodworking (e.g., augers, bits, countersinks), manufacturing[2007]
  • Engraver’s handtools, nonpowered, manufacturing[2007]
  • Files, handheld, manufacturing[2007]
  • Fish wire (i.e., electrical wiring tool) manufacturing[2007]
  • Forks, handtools (e.g., garden, hay, manure), manufacturing[2007]
  • Gauge blocks, machinists’ precision tools, manufacturing[2007]
  • Gauges, machinists’ precision tools (except optical), manufacturing[2007]
  • Gear pullers, handtools, manufacturing[2007]
  • Gouges, woodworking, manufacturing[2007]
  • Grass mowing equipment, nonpowered lawn and garden, manufacturing[2007]
  • Guns, caulking, nonpowered, manufacturing[2007]
  • Hair clippers for animal use, nonelectric, manufacturing[2007]
  • Hammers, handtools, manufacturing[2007]
  • Handheld edge tools (except saws, scissors-type), nonelectric, manufacturing[2007]
  • Handtool metal blades (e.g., putty knives, scrapers, screw drivers) manufacturing[2007]
  • Handtools, machinists’ precision, manufacturing[2007]
  • Handtools, motor vehicle mechanics’, manufacturing[2007]
  • Hatchets manufacturing[2007]
  • Hedge shears and trimmers, nonelectric, manufacturing[2007]
  • Hoes, garden and mason’s handtools, manufacturing[2007]
  • Hooks, handtools (e.g., baling, bush, grass, husking), manufacturing[2007]
  • Jacks (except hydraulic, pneumatic) manufacturing[2007]
  • Jeweler’s handtools, nonelectric, manufacturing[2007]
  • Knives and bits for woodworking lathes, planers, and shapers manufacturing[2007]
  • Lawn edgers, nonpowered, manufacturing[2007]
  • Lawnmowers, nonpowered, manufacturing[2007]
  • Leaf skimmers and rakes, nonpowered swimming pool, manufacturing[2007]
  • Levels, carpenter’s, manufacturing[2007]
  • Machetes manufacturing[2007]
  • Machine knives (except metal cutting) manufacturing[2007]
  • Machinists’ precision measuring tools (except optical) manufacturing[2007]
  • Mallets (e.g., rubber, wood) manufacturing[2007]
  • Mason’s handtools manufacturing[2007]
  • Mattocks (i.e., handtools) manufacturing[2007]
  • Mauls, metal, manufacturing[2007]
  • Measuring tools, machinist’s (except optical), manufacturing[2007]
  • Mechanic’s handtools, nonpowered, manufacturing[2007]
  • Micrometers, machinist’s precision tools, manufacturing[2007]
  • Miter boxes manufacturing[2007]
  • Picks (i.e., handtools) manufacturing[2007]
  • Planes, handheld, nonpowered, manufacturing[2007]
  • Pliers, handtools, manufacturing[2007]
  • Plumbers’ handtools, nonpowered, manufacturing[2007]
  • Post hole diggers, nonpowered, manufacturing[2007]
  • Precision tools, machinist’s (except optical), manufacturing[2007]
  • Pruners manufacturing[2007]
  • Pry (i.e., crow) bars manufacturing[2007]
  • Punches (except paper), nonpowered handtool, manufacturing[2007]
  • Putty knives manufacturing[2007]
  • Rakes, nonpowered handtool, manufacturing[2007]
  • Rasps, handheld, manufacturing[2007]
  • Ratchets, nonpowered, manufacturing[2007]
  • Rulers, metal, manufacturing[2007]
  • Scoops, metal (except kitchen-type), manufacturing[2007]
  • Screw drivers, nonelectric, manufacturing[2007]
  • Screwjacks manufacturing[2007]
  • Scythes manufacturing[2007]
  • Shears, nonelectric, tool-type (e.g., garden, pruners, tinsnip), manufacturing[2007]
  • Shovels, handheld, manufacturing[2007]
  • Sickles manufacturing[2007]
  • Sledgehammers manufacturing[2007]
  • Sockets and socket sets manufacturing[2007]
  • Soldering guns and irons, handheld (including electric), manufacturing[2007]
  • Soldering iron tips and tiplets manufacturing[2007]
  • Spades and shovels, handheld, manufacturing[2007]
  • Squares, carpenters’, metal, manufacturing[2007]
  • Stonecutters’ handtools, nonpowered, manufacturing[2007]
  • Tape measures, metal, manufacturing[2007]
  • Tinners’ snips manufacturing[2007]
  • Tools, hand, metal blade (e.g., putty knives, scrapers, screwdrivers)[2007]
  • Tools, handheld, nonpowered (except kitchen-type), manufacturing[2007]
  • Tools, woodworking edge (e.g., augers, bits, countersinks), manufacturing[2007]
  • Trimmers, hedge, nonelectric, manufacturing[2007]
  • Trowels manufacturing[2007]
  • Vises (except machine tool attachments) manufacturing[2007]
  • Wheel pullers, handtools, manufacturing[2007]
  • Wrenches, handtools, nonpowered, manufacturing[2007]
  • Yardsticks, metal, manufacturing[2007]

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