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Soft Drink Manufacturing

NAICS Industry 312111

NAICS [2012]ManufacturingBeverage & Tobacco Product ManufacturingBeverage ManufacturingSoft Drink & Ice ManufacturingSoft Drink Manufacturing

NAICS [2012] Industry 312111 ⇒ SIC [1987] Industry Codes

SIC CodeU.S. IndustryRegistrants
In ascending order
2086Bottled and Canned Soft Drinks and Carbonated Waters§89
§ In the SIC [SEC] subset of SIC [1987].

Businesses & Products of NAICS Industry 312111
  • Artificially carbonated waters manufacturing
  • Beverages, fruit and vegetable drinks, cocktails, and ades, manufacturing
  • Beverages, soft drink (including artificially carbonated waters), manufacturing
  • Carbonated soda manufacturing
  • Carbonated soft drinks manufacturing
  • Coffee, iced, manufacturing
  • Drinks, fruit (except juice), manufacturing
  • Flavored water manufacturing
  • Fruit drinks (except juice), manufacturing
  • Iced coffee manufacturing
  • Iced tea manufacturing
  • Pop, soda, manufacturing
  • Soda carbonated, manufacturing
  • Soda pop manufacturing
  • Soft drinks manufacturing
  • Tea, iced, manufacturing
  • Water, artificially carbonated, manufacturing
  • Water, flavored, manufacturing

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