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Redaction Request

If you haven’t already done so, you should... Read about our redaction process.

So that we first know your Name, E-Mail Address and Phone Number, please...

Sign In to make a Redaction Request.

In order to process a Redaction Request, we need to know who you are and have you enter the details of your request.  First, please Sign In to identify yourself.  (If you have never Signed In here before, our Sign Up page will allow you to enter your Name, E-Mail Address and Phone Number, so that you can Sign In.)  After you’ve done that, we’ll ask for the specifics of your request on the pages that follow.  This is our process for handling Redaction Requests, and it is only accomplished online and via e-mail.

The information we need in order to quote a redaction or discuss it must be entered online, so that we can find the Filing(s) and establish the context.  If you can’t Sign In due to some technical problem, you may call Fran Finnegan any afternoon (Pacific Time) at +1 415-420-4604 for assistance.  Do not call about the request itself, as that will only delay the process and increase the cost.  Questions you may have will be answered via e-mail after you provide us with the information we need.
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